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M.V.E. is therefore a completely stand alone system, and not only: it is scalable, integratable, remote manageable, robust, unobtrusive, secure, "alarmed", georeferenced on GPS and "intelligent" based as it integrates within itself a software module video analysis .

Mobile solution

M.V.E. is a mobile type "video surveillance solution" aimed at Administrations, Public Bodies or companies who need monitoring one or more objectives of the territory which are not covered by fixed infrastructure (electricity, public lighting, video surveillance, data network, etc...) or who have a temporary existence character.
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The benefits of switching from analogue to IP

Our intelligent video surveillance software can easily manage the transition from analogic to IP, providing a significant cost saving. Thanks to a centralized architecture and access via web browser, M.V.E. will allow you, also, to store and make accessible and manageable all data streams.

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  • Technology

  • Innovation

  • Mobile Solution

  • Web App

  • Geolocalization

  • Ecosustainability

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